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At Frick and Frack Taphouse, we consider it our privilege to be in-demand for events catered throughout the Kamloops area. We have spreads for every occasion, including coffee and beverage service, breakfast buffets, lunch and dinner banquets, and reception trays and platters. Our staff brings the same cool with them that you'll find when you visit our restaurant, making the event memorable and pleasant for everyone involved. Whether you are planning a formal gathering or just a fun night of celebration for your friends and family, we've got just the ticket for you!

Our catering

Our catering services are scalable! Whether you are planning a small get together with the office over coffee and pastries, or a full-fledged dinner banquet for 50+ people, we have you covered. We charge per person, and portion our plates generously to make sure everyone gets their fill!

Event planning

When planning the perfect event, location is everything. You may already have something in mind, and we are happy to accommodate wherever you go. However, we are equally willing and would be pleased to host your party at Frick and Frack Taphouse! The relaxed atmosphere makes for a perfect gathering place, with full access to our bar, kitchen, and dining facilities.
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