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Frick & Frack Tap House

Come as a customer, leave as a friend.

Our Delight Is Your Satisfaction

Frick and Frack were two Swiss boys full of dreams, talent and joie-de-vivre who ended up as the main act of the Ice Follies, a famous American skating show that entertained a couple of generations. They were hilariously funny, quick on their feet, whimsical at times and unassumingly hip. This is the spirit that animates our endeavour.

At our casual dining spot in Kamloops, we know you are here for a good time, not a long time, so whatever your frame of mind is when you walk through the front doors, we aim for you to depart satisfied and with a smile in your eyes. The food is good, the portions are plentiful, the variety of our beverage lists is astounding, and the staff is brazenly cool. So go ahead, enjoy your visit! You came as a customer, but we hope you will leave as a friend.

Our Staff

Our staff complements flawlessly our eclectic menus. We hire people who agree with the concept that to be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work. All of them are optimistic, funny, and contagious in their exuberant zest for life.

Enjoyable Experiences

We train them to act professionally in any circumstance and to offer you an enjoyable experience, not just a meal when you come through the front doors.

Amber - Manager

Diverse Talents

Outside of work, they are amazingly diverse in their interests and talents: accomplished dancers, accountants-in-training, students of psychology and even a couple of bona fide beauty queens.


Erin - Supervisor

exas style bbq brisket.jpg

Top-Notch Service

When interacting with guests, they are our business’ best asset: prompt, friendly, informed, laid back, helpful. One more reason for you to stop by and immerse yourself in the Frick & Frack experience.


So come in, meet “our people” and see why we hold them in such high regard. They will welcome you with a smile, help you navigate our offerings and – if the flow of the business allows it - swap with you a quick story and maybe a joke (or two). By the time you will ask for the bill, deep inside you will know you are amongst friends and already plan when to visit us next.

Kyle and Oliver - Bartenders

Out for a Drink With Friends?

Check out what’s on tap at our inviting restaurant in Kamloops!

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