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Frick & Frack Tap House

Come as a customer, leave as a friend.

Daily Specials Menu

At Frick & Frack Tap House, we love to treat and spoil you a little with extra care every day of the week. That’s why you will find us cooking, brewing, or pouring something new and, of course, special at our restaurant in Kamloops to make your dining experience more exciting. Our specials are heavy on the taste and light on the pocket!

Frick & Frack Tap House
Frick & Frack Tap House chef

Daily Specials

daily specials menu

Happy Hour

Happy Hours

After Dinners

After Dinner

Decadent Desserts

Decadent Desserts



Scotch Whiskies

Scotch Whiskes

Happiness Every Day

Savour something new every day on our restaurant’s daily specials.

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